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features and benefits

no more

dead batteries

Built-In Powerbank to fully charge your smartphone both wired and wirelessly. Extremely lightweight and thin.


gps tracker

Track your smart wallet globally, everywhere in real time.

know who opened your

wallet when it’s lost

Thief Detector Camera takes a photo of the person who opens your smart wallet when it’s in lost mode.

never leave your

wallet or phone behind

Bluetooth Alarm System doesn’t only notify you every time you leave your wallet behind, it sends alarm signals when you leave your phone behind as well.

no more expensive

data roaming

Global WIFI Hotspot ensures you have an internet, wherever you travel.
The internet costs with Volterman is up to three times cheaper than the regular roaming prices.


Elegant and extremely lightweight with enough room to store all your cards and cash.

Slim, sexy and super powerful, it fits neatly into any pocket.

From passport to the boarding pass, take everything with you.

Volterman Smart Family includes the Cardholder, Bifold wallet, Travel wallet and a wireless charger in an elegant box.


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Volterman is the latest attempt to keep the wallet relevant in the 21st century
- New Atlas -
Volterman is the MOST VERSATILE smart wallet yet
- Mashable -
Volterman includes all the guts of a years-old smartphone, other than a screen
- The Verge -

Smart yet Fashionable

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A revolutionary wallet made by award winning designers and engineers