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The situation

It is no secret that the majority of people are familiar with that sinking, anxiety-inducing feeling of losing a wallet, especially when it holds credit cards, crucial documents and a decent sum of money. This is something our chief technical officer experienced firsthand after his three-years-old daughter decided to carefully place his wallet behind the stove.



Thinking that it was gone for good, Azat spent over a month reissuing all of the documents and sorting all of the technical details, only to find out that his wallet was in walking distance of the desk he’d spent filling all of this paperwork at.

Annoyed and frustrated, he decided that, in the 21st century, we should know better than to leave this depressingly common problem without a solution. This is where the concept of Volterman was born – a wallet that would be too smart to be lost.



After conducting some industry research, and realizing that smart wallets could only be tracked within 20 meters of their location, it became evident that there needed to be a change in the concept of what a smart wallet actually is.

This realization resulted in the formation of a highly enthusiastic team of young professionals, who would spend many sleepless nights filled with brainstorming, designing, testing, only to do it all over again. However, the time was well spent, and by the end of 2016 the Volterman prototype was brought into existence.

Not only did it include crucial features to enable successful tracking, but also extra features to make users’ lives easier and more comfortable, such as a Wifi hotspot and a charge bank for mobile phones. Volterman became the optimal solution to lost wallets, with its carefully crafted features making it almost impossible for the wallet to be misplaced, stolen or even randomly dropped. Thus, the collective 2-year effort of engineers and designers alike led to the final product, ready to hit the shelves and online stores.



Although it is mentioned that the process of realization had taken approximately two years, the initial idea started way back in January 2014, when our founder experienced the nuisance of his lost wallet. By March, there was an approximate idea of what features a smart wallet should include, which was followed by prototyping in December of that year.

The process of prototyping and testing continued throughout 2015, as our team worked day and night to come up with the ideal features of the Volterman Smart Wallet, which would suit all customer requirements and perform even beyond that. By the end of 2016, the final design was ready, and all that was left were the technical details. 2017 was a busy year for Volterman, as a mobile application was launched, followed by the final prototype. The Indiegogo campaign was launched in June 2017, immediately followed by PCB design and development. During the autumn of 2017, our team continued to work extremely hard, launching the product into mass production.


Volterman Concept

The concept of Volterman is simple, yet revolutionary; a smart wallet that can be tracked, located and returned to its rightful owner via features like worldwide GPS tracking, a thief detection camera and a distance alarm. The wallet also operates as a global WiFi hotspot and includes a built-in power bank; transforming an everyday object into a useful tool which can charge your phone as well as help you find it (additionally providing you with internet). Alongside all of these features, the wallet also looks good; made from premium-quality leather with good stitching that makes it just as fashionable as it is durable.

2,950,000 USD


Most funded wallet campaign ever!